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Customized Incinerator Designs, Technical Incinerator Drawings, Managing Low Cost Incinerator For Solid Waste. The design process is the transformation of an idea, needs, or wants by consumers or the marketplace at large, into a product that satisfies these needs. This is usually accomplished by adventurous people that are willing to take it on. Sometimes an engineer will be involved on some levels but not always. Product designers follow various [methodology] that requires a specific skill set (usually in engineering) to complete.

Design is basically a problem solving exercise. The design of a new product consists of the following stages:
• Design Brief    • Product Design Specifications    • Concept Design    • Testing    • Detail Design    • Manufacturing and Further Testing    • Refinement and Sales

Initial stage
Idea Generation can be from imagination, observation, or research. Need Based Generation can be from the need to solve a problem, the need to follow the popular trends, or the need for a product to do a specific task.

Mid stage
Design Solutions arise from meeting user needs, concept development, form exploration, ergonomics, prototyping, materials, and technology. Production involves fabrication and manufacturing the design.

Final stage
Marketing involves selling the product. It can either be client based which mean the a client buys the design and manufactures it and then sells it to customers. Or it can be user based where the product is sold directly to the user by the designer


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