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What is an industrial waste incinerator?
Industrial Waste Incinerator Manufacturer in India, Industrial Waste Incinerator Suppliers in India, Industrial Waste Incinerator Exporters in India. Any device or system that uses combustion and/or thermal oxidation to destroy or reduce an industrial waste can be classified as an industrial waste incinerator. Most commercial, industrial, municipal and institutional wastes are classified by composition and heating value.
In 1968, the Incinerator Institute of America used general classifications to define waste streams. While these classifications are broad and somewhat outdated (the definition and composition of these waste streams have changed with advances in technology, products and services), they still serve as a reference for industrial waste incinerators.

Waste classifications defined.
Type 0 Waste – Trash consisting of highly combustible waste paper, wood, cardboard cartons and including up to 10% treated papers, plastic or rubber scraps from commercial and industrial sources. 
Type 1 Waste – Rubbish consisting of combustible waste paper, cartons, rags, wood scraps, combustible floor sweepings from domestic, commercial and industrial sources. 
Type 2 Waste – Refuse (Municipal Solid Waste) consisting of rubbish and garbage from residential sources (50% rubbish and 50% garbage). 
Type 3 Waste – Garbage consisting of animal and vegetable food wastes from restaurants, hotels, markets, institutional, commercial and club sources.
Type 4 Waste – Pathological Waste consisting of 100% animal and human tissue. The principal components are carcasses, organs, solid organic wastes from hospitals, laboratories, abattoirs, animal pounds and similar sources
Type 5 Waste – Industrial process wastes including gaseous, liquid or semi-liquid wastes. The composition, heating value, moisture content and ash content of Type 5 Wastes are variable and must be confirmed by a waste analysis.
Type 6 Waste – Semi-solid and solid combustible wastes which require hearth, retort or grate burning equipment. The composition, heating value, moisture content and ash content of Type 6 Wastes are variable and must be confirmed by a waste analysis.
Aravali Thermal designs, fabricates and supplies industrial waste incinerators that safely and efficiently destroy many types of gaseous and liquid wastes (type 5 wastes as outlined above).
Aravali thermal is a pioneer manufacturer of Industrial Waste Incinerator in India.
The incinerator is manufactured with the state of art facilities and technologies as per international standards.
The capacity of industrial waste incinerators starts from 10 kgs/hr to 500 kgs/hr.
The incinerators are equipped with pollution control devices so as to ensure the compliance of pollution control norms and standards.
Aravali thermal has already manufactured and exported a number of units in india and abroad in various private and government organizations. 


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