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Waste Incinerator Supplying in India

Waste Incinerator Manufacturer in India, Waste Incinerator Suppliers in India, Waste Incinerator Exporters in India. We offer waste incinerator, which help in protecting the environment from hazardous wastes. These are installed and designed as per the clients requirement.

Some of the features of our product are:

•  Complete combustion and smoke free & very low emissions of carbon monoxide

•  Dual chamber design, which help to minimize emission of particulate matter and to provide sufficient oxygen, turbulence, high temperature and residence time in secondary chamber for complete combustion
•  Simple & effective pollution control : Quenching and scrubbing in one unit, no plugging ,compliance with strict air emission standards

•  Venture scrubber to quench the hot flue gas and to remove particulate matter and acid gases. Our product is a simple system without clogging or plugging potential and designed for the removal of liquid droplets in the outlet gas

•  Versatility : Auto allows incineration of all type of waste at maximum capacity and minimum use of auxiliary fuel
•   Automation : A simple control system based on first principles of combustion has been designed and tested which prevents 'black smoke' generation

•  Energy recovery : Optional hot water generation with the help of a condensing heat exchanger, which is used to recover energy in the form of hot water

•  Cost effective : Simple design operation and maintenance
Fine polishing emission control (Optional) : Helpful in meeting standard for particulate matter and acid gases and also trace organic compounds and other pollutants. This is incorporated with activated carbon and HEPA filters


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